Top 5 Generative Artists on Instagram

Generative art is a new medium enabled by the rapid rise and proliferation of computing power . Algorithmic art in and of itself is not new, but the sheer area of unexplored territory at the intersection of computing and art has continued to increase on par with the steady exponential increase in computing power.

Generative art can be seen as an alternative way to make traditional art, but it also offers a way to make art that has never been seen before, on a scale that has never been seen before; both angles are explored by these top 5 artists.

1. @manoloide

Manolide is the gorilla in the room when it comes to innovative generative art. He produces some of the most original, beautiful, and complex generative pieces in the world and is a prolific creator to boot He also open sources a lot of his code here which offers tons of learnings to the larger generative art community.


Tom Karlsson was already established as a talented ink illustrator but he maintains this particular handle to document his efforts to use computers to manipulate his ink drawings in brilliant ways.

3. @beingheumann

Andrew Heumann is another prolific poster, who has a generative style resembling analog pen drawings. His pieces are usually both solid and architectural in subject matter, yet natural and in style.


RVig is a digital artist, creative coder and color lover. Don’t just take my word for it — you can read those same descriptors yourself in his bio. He’s got a lot really inspiring works, including some amazing computer generated 3D eggs that have been 3D printed.

5. @hoo_feli

Hoo Feli is the only glitch art representative on the list, which is a sub-genre of generative art. It produces jarring, unexpected images that are really only made possible by the digitization of images and the manipulation of digital images in unexpected ways. Hoo Feli is often times challenging but just as often mesmerizing.


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